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Babies Count Too...

We cater to even the smallest and youngest of our generation. We offer a large selection of baby products which include: clothes, shower gels, lotions, rattles, combs, brushea, teddy bears, educational books, educational flash cards, crayons, blankets, bottles, photo albums, and other items that would make excelent gifts for young children. There is sure to be something for a child of any age.


This basket is the perfect gift to serve as a starter kit for any mother. It comes wit a baby bag, bottle, blanket, teddy bear, rattle, and pacifier, all wrapped up into one package. $64.95

Spoil Me Rotten..

This basket comes with a plush toy, bottle, blanket, baby bag, photo album, huggies wipes, and huggies lotion.$75.50

Got Milk?...

This basket displays a Got Milk? blanket infont, and also contains a bottle, ratle, teddy bear, pacifier, baby $tip book for parents, and baby checklist for a sitter. $62.50

Cake anyone?...

This is a unique and very creative gift for any coming child and it's parents. It is a cake made entirely of pampers and decorated with rattles, a rocking horse plush toy, gum, and ribbons that all tie together for the perfect gift.$109.50





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